Texas Mortgage 1 Day After Bankruptcy Or Foreclosure

Texas Mortgage Lenders After Texas Bankruptcy– Foreclosure – Short Sale


 Serving Every city in Texas including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas,Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Laredo, Lubbock, Garland, Irving, Amarillo, Grand Prairie, Brownsville ,Pasadena, McKinney, Mesquite


  • Purchase 1 day after Texas bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale and deed in lieu of Texas foreclosure up to 2.5 million.  These are not subprime loans, but they do often have higher interest rates, and higher closing costs.
  • Texas Portfolio mortgage lender offer private Texas mortgage loan approvals are looking at other compensating factors to approve these loans. Examples include 12 months timely rental history, high credit scores, lower loan to value (larger down payments), and reserves (future Texas mortgage payments in the account at closing).

A minimum 500 credit score For Texas Portfolio Mortgage Lenders Programs!!


  • Down payment only 3.5% of the purchase price.
  • Gifts from family or FHA Grants for down payment assistance and closing costs OK!
  • Sellers can credit the buyer’s up to 6% of sales price towards buyers costs and pre-paid.
  • No reserves or future payments in account required.
  • FHA regulated closing costs.
  • Read more about buying a home with an FHA mortgage Bad Credit –No Credit – Investment –Second Home –Multi Family – 


  • 12 months after a chapter 13 Bankruptcy FHA mortgage Lender approvals!
  • 24 months after a chapter 7 Bankruptcy FHA mortgage Lender approvals!
  • 3 years after a Foreclosure FHA mortgage Lender approvals!
  • No Credit Score FHA mortgage Lender approvals!
  • 580 required for 96.5% financing or 3.5% down payment FHA mortgage Lender approvals.
  • 500 required for 90% financing or 10% down payment FHA mortgage Lender approvals.
  • Bad Credit with minimum 500 FICO credit score with 10% Down Payment FHA. For FHA mortgage applicants with credit scores between 500 and 579 must make down payments of at least 10% down!
  • Read more about FHA Qualifying Qualification Summary – Manual Underwrite – Collections-Judgement’s – Texas Bankruptcy or Foreclosure – Compensating Factors –




  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy- You may apply for a FHA mortgage after your Texas Bankruptcyhas been discharged for 12 Months or  (1) year with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. You must have 0 x 30 day late payments, and permission from the chapter 13 trustee.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy- You may apply for a FHA mortgage after your Texas Bankruptcyhas been discharged for TWO (2) years with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  You may apply for a FHA insured loan after your Texas Bankruptcyhas been discharged for ONE (1) year with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure – You may apply for a FHA insured loan THREE (3) years after the Texas Foreclosure sale/deed transfer date. You may have to search county records office to locate the deed in order to count a full 3 years. 
  • Short Sale / Deed in Lieu – You may apply for a FHA insured loan THREE (3) years after the sale date of your foreclosure. FHA treats a short sale the same as a Foreclosure for now.You may have to search county records office to locate the deed in order to count a full 3 years. 
  • Credit must be re-established no late payments in past 12-24 months, depending on hardship
  • Application Date must be after the above waiting period to be eligible for FHA financing after hardship.You may have to search county records office to locate the deed transfer out of your name fin order to count a full 3 years. 

Texas FHA Mortgage Lenders Require A minimum 580 credit score.


  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Once you have finished making all payments satisfactorily, the Texas mortgage lender may conclude that you have reestablished satisfactory credit.
  • If you have made at least 12 months of timely  payments and the Trustee or the Texas Texas BankruptcyJudge approves of the new home purchase, the Texas mortgage lender will approve financing after a chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – You may apply for a VA mortgage loan TWO (2) years after a Texas chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
  • Foreclosure / Deed in Lieu – You may apply for a VA mortgage loan TWO (2) years after a Texas  foreclosure.
  • Short Sale – VA does not recognize a short sale as a derogatory event however most Texas mortgage lenders do. Most lenders will require a full 2 years after the deed was transferred out of your name and you re establish credit.
  • Credit must be re-established with a minimum 550 credit score
  • Application Date must be after the above waiting period to be eligible for VA mortgage after hardship.

Texas VA Mortgage Lenders Require A minimum 550 credit score.


  • Foreclosure – You may apply for a USDA rural loan THREE (3) years after a Texas Foreclosure.
  • Bankruptcy – You may apply for a USDA rural loan THREE (3) years after the discharge of a Chapter 7 or 13 Texas Bankruptcy.
  • Short Sale / Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure – Texas mortgage lenders require 3 years after a Texas foreclosure.

Texas USDA Lenders Require A minimum 550 credit score.


  • Foreclosure – You may apply for a Texas Conventional mortgage, Fannie Mae loan (7) SEVEN years after the sale date of your Texas foreclosure.
  • Bankruptcy – You may apply for a Conventional, Fannie Mae loan after your Chapter 7 Texas Bankruptcyhas been discharged for FOUR (4) years, TWO (2) years from the discharge of a Chapter 13
  • Short Sale / Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure –Waiting period for Texas  foreclosure that was included in Texas BankruptcyIf mortgage is included in Bankruptcy, waiting period defaults to FOUR (4) from the discharge date. Texas Short Sale or Deed in Lieu of Texas Foreclosure not included in a Texas Bankruptcyhas a new Waiting Period of FOUR (4) years from date your name is removed from title.  This replaces the ability to buy in 24 months with 20% down payment and minimum 680 credit score.

Texas Conventional Lenders Require A minimum 620 credit score.

ZipCode City Population Growth Age Income per household
79936 El Paso TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
77084 Houston TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
78521 Brownsville TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
77449 Katy TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
78572 Mission TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
75052 Grand Prairie FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
78577 Pharr TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
75217 Dallas TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
75070 Mckinney TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
77036 Houston TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
79912 El Paso TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
77479 Sugar Land TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
77429 Cypress TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
77584 Pearland TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
77573 League City TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
75211 Dallas TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders
77083 Houston TX FHA VA  Mortgage Lenders

78745 Austin TX 59,179 6% 33.10 $43,458.00
78753 Austin TX 54,726 9% 29.20 $38,206.00
78741 Austin TX 50,174 10% 25.30 $25,369.00
78758 Austin TX 48,268 8% 29.60 $42,398.00
78744 Austin TX 46,343 7% 26.90 $38,256.00
78748 Austin TX 43,809 7% 32.50 $57,710.00
78704 Austin TX 43,145 2% 31.80 $35,733.00
78759 Austin TX 41,862 7% 37.40 $61,284.00
78749 Austin TX 34,647 0% 35.30 $68,244.00
78723 Austin TX 31,012 8% 31.70 $34,242.00
78729 Austin TX 28,242 4% 32.80 $59,497.00
78746 Austin TX 28,123 4% 41.10 $100,571.00
78750 Austin TX 26,766 0% 39.10 $78,428.00
78727 Austin TX 26,763 0% 33.60 $62,648.00
78731 Austin TX 26,312 6% 39.20 $62,404.00
78717 Austin TX 25,270 10% 33.50 $87,290.00
78724 Austin TX 22,586 3% 26.80 $36,641.00
78702 Austin TX 22,420 4% 32.00 $23,348.00
78703 Austin TX 21,686 9% 35.50 $54,591.00
78752 Austin TX 21,517 16% 28.90 $30,207.00
78757 Austin TX 21,407 0% 37.00 $45,090.00
78705 Austin TX 21,344 -46% 21.10 $14,740.00
78728 Austin TX 21,224 4% 31.10 $51,078.00
78734 Austin TX 19,606 9% 43.70 $74,052.00
78739 Austin TX 17,397 3% 37.00 $102,707.00
78754 Austin TX 16,909 11% 30.50 $51,810.00
78735 Austin TX 16,647 3% 37.20 $75,204.00
78732 Austin TX 16,286 13% 35.30 $103,951.00
78747 Austin TX 15,778 6% 31.40 $60,861.00
78751 Austin TX 14,946 3% 28.00 $29,779.00
78738 Austin TX 14,617 16% 39.90 $102,295.00
78726 Austin TX 13,631 3% 31.50 $89,891.00
78737 Austin TX 13,376 9% 41.20 $87,029.00
78721 Austin TX 12,208 6% 30.60 $26,646.00
78733 Austin TX 9,274 5% 39.70 $102,239.00
78730 Austin TX 8,553 6% 38.70 $128,524.00
78736 Austin TX 8,239 15% 42.20 $62,294.00
78756 Austin TX 7,656 6% 35.90 $36,978.00
78725 Austin TX 6,716 9% 29.50 $47,076.00
78701 Austin TX 6,621 -3% 34.80 $35,757.00
78722 Austin TX 6,014 1% 32.50 $35,794.00
78719 Austin TX 1,887 6% 31.70 $36,480.00
78742 Austin TX 871 5% 31.10 $28,281.00
78710 Austin TX 0% 0.00 $0.00
78712 Austin TX 0% 19.50 $0.00
78799 Austin TX 0% 0.00 $0.00
78245 San Antonio TX 62,514 9% 28.80 $45,410.00
78228 San Antonio TX 59,666 1% 32.80 $30,852.00
78250 San Antonio TX 55,924 1% 32.70 $55,558.00
78240 San Antonio TX 55,535 7% 31.50 $39,627.00
78223 San Antonio TX 53,229 4% 32.20 $30,145.00
78251 San Antonio TX 52,661 6% 30.30 $46,290.00
78249 San Antonio TX 51,224 2% 28.20 $58,101.00
78247 San Antonio TX 50,704 3% 35.40 $59,537.00
78207 San Antonio TX 49,654 -11% 30.10 $20,117.00
78227 San Antonio TX 49,128 6% 29.50 $30,222.00
78254 San Antonio TX 46,563 3% 30.90 $76,116.00
78258 San Antonio TX 46,376 12% 35.60 $91,509.00
78233 San Antonio TX 46,142 5% 34.60 $45,575.00
78201 San Antonio TX 44,428 -1% 35.60 $26,725.00
78213 San Antonio TX 43,667 7% 34.10 $36,250.00
78230 San Antonio TX 42,196 7% 36.40 $49,410.00
78216 San Antonio TX 42,189 4% 34.40 $35,324.00
78209 San Antonio TX 40,416 3% 41.30 $46,417.00
78210 San Antonio TX 37,846 2% 33.70 $26,522.00
78237 San Antonio TX 37,607 1% 31.30 $23,893.00
78221 San Antonio TX 36,986 2% 33.10 $29,330.00
78232 San Antonio TX 36,694 4% 41.10 $64,301.00
78253 San Antonio TX 36,004 19% 32.40 $60,524.00
78217 San Antonio TX 34,430 6% 34.60 $40,967.00
78218 San Antonio TX 33,183 3% 33.90 $32,952.00
78242 San Antonio TX 32,762 4% 27.00 $27,556.00
78211 San Antonio TX 31,973 0% 31.20 $25,391.00
78229 San Antonio TX 31,052 7% 29.60 $30,675.00
78244 San Antonio TX 30,762 0% 30.20 $46,067.00
78239 San Antonio TX 30,128 4% 38.00 $46,376.00
78260 San Antonio TX 27,823 10% 36.10 $71,250.00
78212 San Antonio TX 26,550 -7% 36.90 $30,299.00
78238 San Antonio TX 24,852 5% 32.30 $36,869.00
78214 San Antonio TX 23,939 2% 32.80 $24,761.00
78259 San Antonio TX 23,050 1% 36.30 $87,420.00
78222 San Antonio TX 19,937 2% 33.60 $35,237.00
78224 San Antonio TX 17,810 1% 29.70 $32,244.00
78220 San Antonio TX 17,463 8% 38.10 $26,920.00
78261 San Antonio TX 16,280 16% 32.60 $92,154.00
78219 San Antonio TX 15,901 4% 32.30 $33,103.00
78248 San Antonio TX 14,292 4% 43.20 $90,014.00
78225 San Antonio TX 13,331 2% 36.30 $25,508.00
78264 San Antonio TX 12,068 -2% 33.70 $32,296.00
78255 San Antonio TX 11,993 9% 37.00 $87,621.00
78202 San Antonio TX 11,918 1% 31.30 $18,304.00
78204 San Antonio TX 10,955 -1% 35.90 $24,153.00
78231 San Antonio TX 8,458 6% 43.20 $67,409.00
78256 San Antonio TX 7,715 11% 27.20 $49,659.00
78226 San Antonio TX 7,254 8% 32.70 $27,182.00
78203 San Antonio TX 6,828 10% 29.80 $20,357.00
78252 San Antonio TX 6,530 -12% 30.40 $30,137.00
78266 San Antonio TX 6,181 9% 47.00 $81,295.00
78257 San Antonio TX 5,479 27% 42.00 $88,852.00
78263 San Antonio TX 4,344 -7% 43.80 $51,496.00
78208 San Antonio TX 3,688 -1% 35.60 $18,137.00
78234 San Antonio TX 3,481 -104% 22.70 $45,185.00
78205 San Antonio TX 1,133 -28% 52.30 $14,578.00
78215 San Antonio TX 1,031 -11% 40.40 $25,161.00
78235 San Antonio TX 377 5% 22.50 $48,214.00
78206 San Antonio TX 3 100% 0.00 $0.00
78241 San Antonio TX 0% 0.00 $0.00
78243 San Antonio TX 0% 23.00 $0.00
78284 San Antonio TX 0% 0.00 $0.00
78285 San Antonio TX 0% 0.00 $0.00
Codes in Texas
73301 73344 78701 78702 78703
78704 78705 78708 78709 78710
78711 78712 78713 78714 78715
78716 78717 78718 78719 78720
78721 78722 78723 78724 78725
78726 78727 78728 78729 78730
78731 78732 78733 78734 78735
78736 78737 78738 78739 78741
78742 78744 78745 78746 78747
78748 78749 78750 78751 78752
78753 78754 78755 78756 78757
78758 78759 78760 78761 78762
78763 78764 78765 78766 78767
78768 78769 78772 78773 78774
78778 78779 78780 78781 78783
78785 78789 78799
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Texas Cities
Abbott Hill
Abernathy Lubbock
AbileneCounty seat Taylor
Ackerly Dawson
Addison Dallas
Adrian Oldham
Agua Dulce Nueces
Alamo Hidalgo
Alamo Heights Bexar
AlbanyCounty seat Shackelford
Aledo Parker
AliceCounty seat Jim Wells
Allen Collin
Alpine Brewster
Alton Hidalgo
Alvarado Johnson
Alvin Brazoria
AmarilloCounty seat Potter
Ames Liberty
Amherst Lamb
AnahuacCounty seat Chambers
AndersonCounty seat Grimes
AndrewsCounty seat Andrews
AngletonCounty seat Brazoria
Angus Navarro
Anna Collin
AnsonCounty seat Jones
Anton Hockley
Appleby Nacogdoches
Aquilla Hill
Aransas Pass San Patricio
Archer CityCounty seat Archer
Arcola Fort Bend
Argyle Denton
Arlington Tarrant
Arp Smith
Asherton Dimmit
AthensCounty seat Henderson
Atlanta Cass
Aubrey Denton
Aurora Wise
AustinCounty seat Travis
Austwell Refugio
Avery Red River
Azle Parker
Bailey Fannin
BairdCounty seat Callahan
Balch Springs Dallas
Balcones Heights Bexar
BallingerCounty seat Runnels
Balmorhea Reeves
BanderaCounty seat Bandera
Bangs Brown
Bardwell Ellis
Barry Navarro
Barstow Ward
Bartlett Williamson
BastropCounty seat Bastrop
Bay CityCounty seat Matagorda
Bayou Vista Galveston
Baytown Harris
Beach City Chambers
Beasley Fort Bend
BeaumontCounty seat Jefferson
Beckville Panola
Bedford Tarrant
Bedias Grimes
Bee Cave Travis
BeevilleCounty seat Bee
Bellaire Harris
Bellevue Clay
Bellmead McLennan
BellvilleCounty seat Austin
BeltonCounty seat Bell
Benavides Duval
Benbrook Tarrant
BenjaminCounty seat Knox
Bertram Burnet
Beverly Hills McLennan
Bevil Oaks Jefferson
Big LakeCounty seat Reagan
Big SpringCounty seat Howard
Big Wells Dimmit
Bishop Nueces
Blackwell Nolan
Blanco Blanco
Blossom Lamar
Blue Mound Tarrant
Blue Ridge Collin
BoerneCounty seat Kendall
Bogata Red River
BonhamCounty seat Fannin
Borger Hutchinson
Bovina Parmer
Bowie Montague
BrackettvilleCounty seat Kinney
BradyCounty seat McCulloch
Brazoria Brazoria
Brazos Bend Hood
Brazos Country Austin
BreckenridgeCounty seat Stephens
Bremond Robertson
BrenhamCounty seat Washington
Briaroaks Johnson
Bridge City Orange
Bridgeport Wise
Brookshire Waller
Brookside Village Brazoria
Browndell Jasper
BrownfieldCounty seat Terry
Brownsboro Henderson
BrownsvilleCounty seat Cameron
BrownwoodCounty seat Brown
Bruceville-Eddy McLennan
BryanCounty seat Brazos
Bryson Jack
Buda Hays
Buffalo Leon
Bulverde Comal
Bunker Hill Village Harris
Burkburnett Wichita
Burke Angelina
Burleson Johnson
BurnetCounty seat Burnet
Byers Clay
Cactus Moore
Caddo Mills Hunt
CaldwellCounty seat Burleson
Callisburg Cooke
Calvert Robertson
CameronCounty seat Milam
Camp Wood Real
Campbell Hunt
CanadianCounty seat Hemphill
CantonCounty seat Van Zandt
CanyonCounty seat Randall
Carmine Fayette
Carrizo SpringsCounty seat Dimmit
Carrollton Denton
CarthageCounty seat Panola
Cashion Community Wichita
Castle Hills Bexar
Castroville Medina
Cedar Hill Dallas
Cedar Park Travis
Celeste Hunt
Celina Collin
CenterCounty seat Shelby
CentervilleCounty seat Leon
Chandler Henderson
ChanningCounty seat Hartley
Charlotte Atascosa
Chico Wise
ChildressCounty seat Childress
Chillicothe Hardeman
China Jefferson
Chireno Nacogdoches
Cibolo Guadalupe
Cisco Eastland
ClarendonCounty seat Donley
ClarksvilleCounty seat Red River
Clarksville City Gregg
ClaudeCounty seat Armstrong
Clear Lake Shores Galveston
CleburneCounty seat Johnson
Cleveland Liberty
Clifton Bosque
Clute Brazoria
Clyde Callahan
Cockrell Hill Dallas
ColdspringCounty seat San Jacinto
ColemanCounty seat Coleman
College Station Brazos
Colleyville Tarrant
Colmesneil Tyler
Colorado CityCounty seat Mitchell
ColumbusCounty seat Colorado
ComancheCounty seat Comanche
Combine Kaufman
Commerce Hunt
ConroeCounty seat Montgomery
Converse Bexar
Cool Parker
CooperCounty seat Delta
Coppell Dallas
Copperas Cove Coryell
Corinth Denton
Corpus ChristiCounty seat Nueces
San Patricio
CorsicanaCounty seat Navarro
Cottonwood Kaufman
Cottonwood Shores Burnet
CotullaCounty seat La Salle
Coupland Williamson
Cove Chambers
Covington Hill
Coyote Flats Johnson
Crandall Kaufman
CraneCounty seat Crane
Cranfills Gap Bosque
Creedmoor Travis
Cresson Hood
CrockettCounty seat Houston
CrosbytonCounty seat Crosby
CrowellCounty seat Foard
Crowley Tarrant
Crystal CityCounty seat Zavala
CueroCounty seat DeWitt
Cumby Hopkins
Cushing Nacogdoches
Cut and Shoot Montgomery
DaingerfieldCounty seat Morris
Daisetta Liberty
DalhartCounty seat Dallam
DallasCounty seat Dallas
Dalworthington Gardens Tarrant
Danbury Brazoria
Dayton Liberty
Dayton Lakes Liberty
De Leon Comanche
Dean Clay
DecaturCounty seat Wise
DeCordova Hood
Deer Park Harris
DeKalb Bowie
Dell City Hudspeth
Del RioCounty seat Val Verde
Denison Grayson
DentonCounty seat Denton
Deport Lamar
Red River
DeSoto Dallas
Devers Liberty
Devine Medina
Diboll Angelina
DickensCounty seat Dickens
Dickinson Galveston
Dilley Frio
DimmittCounty seat Castro
Donna Hidalgo
Dorchester Grayson
Dripping Springs Hays
Driscoll Nueces
Dublin Erath
DumasCounty seat Moore
Duncanville Dallas
Eagle Lake Colorado
Eagle PassCounty seat Maverick
Early Brown
Earth Lamb
East Bernard Wharton
East Mountain Upshur
East Tawakoni Rains
EastlandCounty seat Eastland
Easton Gregg
Ector Fannin
Edcouch Hidalgo
Eden Concho
EdinburgCounty seat Hidalgo
EdnaCounty seat Jackson
Edom Van Zandt
El Campo Wharton
El Cenizo Webb
El Lago Harris
El PasoCounty seat El Paso
EldoradoCounty seat Schleicher
Electra Wichita
Elgin Bastrop
Elmendorf Bexar
Elsa Hidalgo
EmoryCounty seat Rains
Encinal La Salle
Ennis Ellis
Escobares Starr
Euless Tarrant
Eureka Navarro
Eustace Henderson
Everman Tarrant
Fair Oaks Ranch Bexar
FairfieldCounty seat Freestone
FalfurriasCounty seat Brooks
Falls City Karnes
Farmers Branch Dallas
Farmersville Collin
FarwellCounty seat Parmer
Fate Rockwall
Fayetteville Fayette
Ferris Ellis
Florence Williamson
FloresvilleCounty seat Wilson
FloydadaCounty seat Floyd
Follett Lipscomb
Forest Hill Tarrant
Forney Kaufman
Forsan Howard
Fort StocktonCounty seat Pecos
Fort WorthCounty seat Tarrant
FranklinCounty seat Robertson
FredericksburgCounty seat Gillespie
Freeport Brazoria
Freer Duval
Friendswood Galveston
Friona Parmer
Frisco Collin
Fritch Hutchinson
Frost Navarro
Fruitvale Van Zandt
Fulshear Fort Bend
GainesvilleCounty seat Cooke
Galena Park Harris
Gallatin Cherokee
GalvestonCounty seat Galveston
Ganado Jackson
Garden Ridge Comal
Garland Collin
Garrison Nacogdoches
GatesvilleCounty seat Coryell
George WestCounty seat Live Oak
GeorgetownCounty seat Williamson
Gholson McLennan
GiddingsCounty seat Lee
GilmerCounty seat Upshur
Gladewater Gregg
Glenn Heights Dallas
Glen RoseCounty seat Somervell
Godley Johnson
Goldsmith Ector
GoldthwaiteCounty seat Mills
GoliadCounty seat Goliad
Golinda Falls
GonzalesCounty seat Gonzales
Goodlow Navarro
Goodrich Polk
Gordon Palo Pinto
Goree Knox
Gorman Eastland
Graford Palo Pinto
GrahamCounty seat Young
GranburyCounty seat Hood
Grand Prairie Dallas
Grand Saline Van Zandt
Grandview Johnson
Granger Williamson
Granite Shoals Burnet
Granjeno Hidalgo
Grapeland Houston
Grapevine Tarrant
GreenvilleCounty seat Hunt
Gregory San Patricio
Grey Forest Bexar
GroesbeckCounty seat Limestone
Groves Jefferson
GrovetonCounty seat Trinity
Gruver Hansford
Gun Barrel City Henderson
Gunter Grayson
Hale Center Hale
HallettsvilleCounty seat Lavaca
Hallsburg McLennan
Hallsville Harrison
Haltom City Tarrant
HamiltonCounty seat Hamilton
Hamlin Jones
Hardin Liberty
Harker Heights Bell
Harlingen Cameron
Hart Castro
HaskellCounty seat Haskell
Haslet Tarrant
Hawk Cove Hunt
Hawkins Wood
Hawley Jones
Hays Hays
Hearne Robertson
Heath Rockwall
Hedley Donley
Hedwig Village Harris
Helotes Bexar
HemphillCounty seat Sabine
HempsteadCounty seat Waller
HendersonCounty seat Rusk
HenriettaCounty seat Clay
HerefordCounty seat Deaf Smith
Hewitt McLennan
Hico Hamilton
Hidalgo Hidalgo
Hideaway Smith
Higgins Lipscomb
Highland Haven Burnet
Highland Village Denton
Hill Country Village Bexar
HillsboroCounty seat Hill
Hilshire Village Harris
Hitchcock Galveston
Holliday Archer
HondoCounty seat Medina
Honey Grove Fannin
Hooks Bowie
Horizon City El Paso
Horseshoe Bay Llano
HoustonCounty seat Harris
Fort Bend
Howardwick Donley
Hubbard Hill
Hudson Angelina
Hudson Oaks Parker
Hughes Springs Cass
Humble Harris
Hunters Creek Village Harris
Huntington Angelina
HuntsvilleCounty seat Walker
Hurst Tarrant
Hutchins Dallas
Hutto Williamson
Huxley Shelby
Idalou Lubbock
Industry Austin
Ingleside Nueces
San Patricio
Ingleside on the Bay San Patricio
Ingram Kerr
Iola Grimes
Iowa Park Wichita
Iraan Pecos
Iredell Bosque
Irving Dallas
Itasca Hill
Ivanhoe Tyler
Jacinto City Harris
JacksboroCounty seat Jack
Jacksonville Cherokee
Jamaica Beach Galveston
Jarrell Williamson
JasperCounty seat Jasper
JaytonCounty seat Kent
JeffersonCounty seat Marion
Jersey Village Harris
Jewett Leon
Joaquin Shelby
Johnson CityCounty seat Blanco
Jolly Clay
Jonestown Travis
Josephine Collin
Joshua Johnson
JourdantonCounty seat Atascosa
JunctionCounty seat Kimble
Justin Denton
Karnes CityCounty seat Karnes
Katy Harris
Fort Bend
KaufmanCounty seat Kaufman
Keene Johnson
Keller Tarrant
Kemah Galveston
Kemp Kaufman
Kempner Lampasas
Kendleton Fort Bend
Kenedy Karnes
Kennard Houston
Kennedale Tarrant
Kerens Navarro
KermitCounty seat Winkler
KerrvilleCounty seat Kerr
Kilgore Gregg
Killeen Bell
Kingsbury Guadalupe
KingsvilleCounty seat Kleberg
Kirby Bexar
Kirbyville Jasper
Knollwood Grayson
KountzeCounty seat Hardin
Kress Swisher
Krugerville Denton
Krum Denton
Kyle Hays
La Feria Cameron
La GrangeCounty seat Fayette
La Grulla Starr
La Joya Hidalgo
La Marque Galveston
La Porte Harris
La Vernia Wilson
La Villa Hidalgo
La Ward Jackson
LaCoste Medina
Lacy-Lakeview McLennan
Lago Vista Travis
Lake Bridgeport Wise
Lake Dallas Denton
Lake Jackson Brazoria
Lake Worth Tarrant
Lakeport Gregg
Lakeway Travis
Lakewood Village Denton
LamesaCounty seat Dawson
LampasasCounty seat Lampasas
Lancaster Dallas
LaredoCounty seat Webb
Latexo Houston
Lavon Collin
League City Galveston
LeakeyCounty seat Real
Leander Travis
Leary Bowie
Leon Valley Bexar
Leona Leon
Leonard Fannin
Leroy McLennan
LevellandCounty seat Hockley
Lewisville Denton
LibertyCounty seat Liberty
Liberty Hill Williamson
Lindale Smith
LindenCounty seat Cass
Lindsay Cooke
Lipan Hood
Little Elm Denton
LittlefieldCounty seat Lamb
Little River-Academy Bell
Live Oak Bexar
Liverpool Brazoria
LlanoCounty seat Llano
LockhartCounty seat Caldwell
Log Cabin Henderson
Lometa Lampasas
Lone Oak Hunt
Lone Star Morris
LongviewCounty seat Gregg
Lorena McLennan
Lorenzo Crosby
Los Fresnos Cameron
Los Ybanez Dawson
Lott Falls
Lovelady Houston
Lowry Crossing Collin
LubbockCounty seat Lubbock
Lucas Collin
Lueders Jones
LufkinCounty seat Angelina
Luling Caldwell
Lumberton Hardin
Lyford Willacy
Lytle Atascosa
MadisonvilleCounty seat Madison
Magnolia Montgomery
Malakoff Henderson
Manor Travis
Mansfield Tarrant
Manvel Brazoria
Marble Falls Burnet
MarfaCounty seat Presidio
Marion Guadalupe
MarlinCounty seat Falls
Marquez Leon
MarshallCounty seat Harrison
Mart Limestone
Martindale Caldwell
MasonCounty seat Mason
Mathis San Patricio
Maud Bowie
Maypearl Ellis
McAllen Hidalgo
McCamey Upton
McGregor McLennan
McKinneyCounty seat Collin
McLendon-Chisholm Rockwall
Meadowlakes Burnet
Meadows Place Fort Bend
Melissa Collin
MemphisCounty seat Hall
MenardCounty seat Menard
Mercedes Hidalgo
MeridianCounty seat Bosque
MertzonCounty seat Irion
Mesquite Dallas
Mexia Limestone
MiamiCounty seat Roberts
MidlandCounty seat Midland
Midlothian Ellis
Midway Madison
Milano Milam
Miles Runnels
Mineola Wood
Mineral Wells Palo Pinto
Mingus Palo Pinto
Mission Hidalgo
Missouri City Fort Bend
Mobeetie Wheeler
Mobile City Rockwall
MonahansCounty seat Ward
Mont Belvieu Chambers
Montgomery Montgomery
Moody McLennan
Moore Station Henderson
Moran Shackelford
Morgan Bosque
Morgan’s Point Harris
Morgan’s Point Resort Bell
MortonCounty seat Cochran
Mount Calm Hill
Mount Enterprise Rusk
Mount PleasantCounty seat Titus
Mountain City Hays
Muenster Cooke
MuleshoeCounty seat Bailey
Munday Knox
Murchison Henderson
Murphy Collin
Mustang Ridge Travis
NacogdochesCounty seat Nacogdoches
Naples Morris
Nash Bowie
Nassau Bay Harris
Natalia Medina
Navasota Grimes
Nazareth Castro
Nederland Jefferson
Needville Fort Bend
Nevada Collin
Newark Tarrant
New Berlin Guadalupe
New Boston Bowie
New BraunfelsCounty seat Comal
Newcastle Young
New Chapel Hill Smith
New Fairview Wise
New Home Lynn
New London Rusk
New Summerfield Cherokee
NewtonCounty seat Newton
New Waverly Walker
Niederwald Hays
Nixon Gonzales
Nocona Montague
Nolanville Bell
Nome Jefferson
Noonday Smith
Nordheim DeWitt
North Cleveland Liberty
North Richland Hills Tarrant
Novice Coleman
Oak Leaf Ellis
Oak Point Denton
Oak Ridge North Montgomery
O’Brien Haskell
Odem San Patricio
OdessaCounty seat Ector
O’Donnell Lynn
Oglesby Coryell
Old River-Winfree Chambers
Olmos Park Bexar
Olney Young
Olton Lamb
Omaha Morris
Onalaska Polk
OrangeCounty seat Orange
Orange Grove Jim Wells
Orchard Fort Bend
Ore City Upshur
Overton Rusk
Ovilla Ellis
Oyster Creek Brazoria
Palacios Matagorda
PalestineCounty seat Anderson
Palmhurst Hidalgo
Palm Valley Cameron
Palmview Hidalgo
PampaCounty seat Gray
Panorama Village Montgomery
Paradise Wise
ParisCounty seat Lamar
Parker Collin
Pasadena Harris
Pattison Waller
Patton Village Montgomery
Pearland Brazoria
Fort Bend
PearsallCounty seat Frio
Pecan Gap Delta
Pecan Hill Ellis
PecosCounty seat Reeves
Pelican Bay Tarrant
Penitas Hidalgo
PerrytonCounty seat Ochiltree
Petersburg Hale
Petrolia Clay
Petronila Nueces
Pflugerville Travis
Pharr Hidalgo
Pilot Point Denton
Pine Forest Orange
Pinehurst Orange
Pineland Sabine
Piney Point Village Harris
PittsburgCounty seat Camp
PlainviewCounty seat Hale
Plano Collin
Pleasanton Atascosa
Plum Grove Liberty
Point Rains
Point Blank San Jacinto
Point Comfort Calhoun
Port Aransas Nueces
Port Arthur Jefferson
Port Isabel Cameron
Port LavacaCounty seat Calhoun
Port Neches Jefferson
Portland Nueces
San Patricio
PostCounty seat Garza
Poteet Atascosa
Poynor Henderson
Prairie View Waller
Premont Jim Wells
Presidio Presidio
Princeton Collin
Progreso Hidalgo
Progreso Lakes Hidalgo
QuanahCounty seat Hardeman
Queen City Cass
Quinlan Hunt
Quitaque Briscoe
QuitmanCounty seat Wood
Ralls Crosby
Ranger Eastland
RankinCounty seat Upton
Ravenna Fannin
RaymondvilleCounty seat Willacy
Red Lick Bowie
Red Oak Ellis
Redwater Bowie
Reklaw Cherokee
Reno Lamar
Reno Parker
Rhome Wise
Rice Navarro
Richardson Dallas
Richland Hills Tarrant
RichmondCounty seat Fort Bend
Richwood Brazoria
Riesel McLennan
Rio Bravo Webb
Rio Grande CityCounty seat Starr
Rio Hondo Cameron
Rio Vista Johnson
River Oaks Tarrant
Riverside Walker
Roanoke Denton
Robert LeeCounty seat Coke
Robinson McLennan
Robstown Nueces
RobyCounty seat Fisher
Rockdale Milam
RockportCounty seat Aransas
RockwallCounty seat Rockwall
Rollingwood Travis
Roma Starr
Ropesville Hockley
Roscoe Nolan
Rose City Orange
Rose Hill Acres Hardin
Rosebud Falls
Rosenberg Fort Bend
Ross McLennan
Rotan Fisher
Round Rock Williamson
Rowlett Dallas
Roxton Lamar
Royse City Rockwall
Runaway Bay Wise
RuskCounty seat Cherokee
Sabinal Uvalde
Sachse Dallas
Sadler Grayson
Saginaw Tarrant
Saint Jo Montague
San AngeloCounty seat Tom Green
San AntonioCounty seat Bexar
San AugustineCounty seat San Augustine
San Benito Cameron
San DiegoCounty seat Duval
Jim Wells
San Elizario El Paso
San Juan Hidalgo
San MarcosCounty seat Hays
San Patricio Nueces
San Patricio
San Perlita Willacy
San SabaCounty seat San Saba
Sandy Oaks Bexar
Sandy Point Brazoria
Sanger Denton
Sansom Park Tarrant
Santa Clara Guadalupe
Santa Fe Galveston
Savoy Fannin
Schertz Guadalupe
Schulenburg Fayette
Scotland Archer
Scottsville Harrison
Seabrook Chambers
Seadrift Calhoun
Seagoville Dallas
Seagraves Gaines
Sealy Austin
SeguinCounty seat Guadalupe
Selma Bexar
SeminoleCounty seat Gaines
Seven Oaks Polk
Seven Points Henderson
SeymourCounty seat Baylor
Shallowater Lubbock
Shamrock Wheeler
Shavano Park Bexar
Shenandoah Montgomery
Shepherd San Jacinto
ShermanCounty seat Grayson
Shiner Lavaca
Shoreacres Chambers
Silsbee Hardin
SilvertonCounty seat Briscoe
Simonton Fort Bend
SintonCounty seat San Patricio
Slaton Lubbock
Smiley Gonzales
Smithville Bastrop
Snook Burleson
SnyderCounty seat Scurry
Socorro El Paso
Somerset Bexar
Somerville Burleson
SonoraCounty seat Sutton
Sour Lake Hardin
South Houston Harris
Southlake Tarrant
Southmayd Grayson
Southside Place Harris
SpearmanCounty seat Hansford
Splendora Montgomery
Spofford Kinney
Spring Branch Comal
Spring Valley Village Harris
Springtown Parker
Spur Dickens
Stafford Fort Bend
Stamford Jones
StantonCounty seat Martin
Staples Guadalupe
Star Harbor Henderson
StephenvilleCounty seat Erath
Sterling CityCounty seat Sterling
StinnettCounty seat Hutchinson
Stockdale Wilson
StratfordCounty seat Sherman
Strawn Palo Pinto
Sudan Lamb
Sugar Land Fort Bend
Sullivan City Hidalgo
Sulphur SpringsCounty seat Hopkins
Sundown Hockley
Sunray Moore
Sunrise Beach Village Llano
Sunset Valley Travis
Sun Valley Lamar
Surfside Beach Brazoria
Sweeny Brazoria
SweetwaterCounty seat Nolan
Taft San Patricio
TahokaCounty seat Lynn
Talco Titus
Tatum Panola
Taylor Williamson
Taylor Lake Village Harris
Taylor Landing Jefferson
Teague Freestone
Temple Bell
Terrell Kaufman
Terrell Hills Bexar
Texarkana Bowie
Texas City Galveston
Texhoma Sherman
The Colony Denton
Thorndale Milam
Thrall Williamson
Three Rivers Live Oak
Timpson Shelby
Toco Lamar
Todd Mission Grimes
Tolar Hood
Tom Bean Grayson
Tomball Harris
Tool Henderson
Trenton Fannin
Trinidad Henderson
Trinity Trinity
Troup Smith
Troy Bell
TuliaCounty seat Swisher
Turkey Hall
Tuscola Taylor
Tye Taylor
TylerCounty seat Smith
Uhland Hays
Uncertain Harrison
Union Grove Upshur
Union Valley Hunt
Universal City Bexar
University Park Dallas
UvaldeCounty seat Uvalde
Valley Mills Bosque
Valley View Cooke
Van Van Zandt
Van Alstyne Grayson
VegaCounty seat Oldham
VernonCounty seat Wilbarger
VictoriaCounty seat Victoria
Vidor Orange
Von Ormy Bexar
WacoCounty seat McLennan
Waelder Gonzales
Wake Village Bowie
Waller Waller
Wallis Austin
Walnut Springs Bosque
Warren City Gregg
Waskom Harrison
Watauga Tarrant
WaxahachieCounty seat Ellis
WeatherfordCounty seat Parker
Webster Harris
Weimar Colorado
Weinert Haskell
Weir Williamson
WellingtonCounty seat Collingsworth
Wellman Terry
Weslaco Hidalgo
West McLennan
Westbrook Mitchell
West Columbia Brazoria
West Lake Hills Travis
Weston Collin
Weston Lakes Fort Bend
West Orange Orange
West Tawakoni Hunt
West University Place Harris
Westworth Village Tarrant
WhartonCounty seat Wharton
WheelerCounty seat Wheeler
White Oak Gregg
White Settlement Tarrant
Whitehouse Smith
Whitesboro Grayson
Whitewright Grayson
Wichita FallsCounty seat Wichita
Willis Montgomery
Willow Park Parker
Wills Point Van Zandt
Wilmer Dallas
Wilson Lynn
Wimberley Hays
Windcrest Bexar
Winfield Titus
Wink Winkler
Winnsboro Franklin
Winters Runnels
Wixon Valley Brazos
Wolfe City Hunt
Wolfforth Lubbock
Woodbranch Montgomery
Woodcreek Hays
Woodway McLennan
Wylie Collin
Yoakum Lavaca
Yorktown DeWitt
Zavalla Angelina
100 largest cities in Texas by population
Population figures based on 2013 census estimates.[2]

Rank Population Place Name
1 2,195,914 Houston
2 1,409,019 San Antonio
3 1,379,260 Dallas
4 885,400 Austin
5 792,727 Fort Worth
6 674,433 El Paso
7 379,577 Arlington
8 316,381 Corpus Christi
9 274,409 Plano
10 248,142 Laredo
11 239,538 Lubbock
12 234,566 Garland
13 228,653 Irving
14 196,429 Amarillo
15 183,372 Grand Prairie
16 181,860 Brownsville
17 152,735 Pasadena
18 148,559 McKinney
19 143,484 Mesquite
20 137,147 Killeen
21 136,791 Frisco
22 136,639 McAllen
23 129,030 Waco
24 126,700 Carrollton
25 123,933 Midland
26 123,099 Denton
27 120,099 Abilene
28 117,796 Beaumont
29 110,720 Odessa
30 109,821 Round Rock
31 104,898 Wichita Falls
32 104,475 Richardson
33 101,074 Lewisville
34 100,223 Tyler
35 100,065 Pearland
36 100,050 College Station
37 97,492 San Angelo
38 92,020 Allen
39 90,983 League City
40 83,860 Sugar Land
41 81,443 Longview
42 81,050 Mission
43 80,836 Edinburg
44 78,709 Bryan
45 75,418 Baytown
46 73,790 Pharr
47 70,190 Temple
48 70,185 Missouri City
49 68,609 Flower Mound
50 67,317 North Richland Hills
51 65,665 Harlingen
52 65,098 Victoria
53 63,279 New Braunfels
54 63,032 Conroe
55 61,238 Cedar Park
56 60,872 Mansfield
57 58,043 Rowlett
58 54,898 Georgetown
59 54,135 Port Arthur
60 54,076 San Marcos
61 53,752 Pflugerville
62 53,224 Euless
63 51,483 DeSoto
64 50,195 Grapevine
65 48,733 Galveston
66 48,592 Bedford
67 46,663 Cedar Hill
68 46,081 Texas City
69 44,575 Wylie
70 43,580 Haltom City
71 42,907 Keller
72 40,922 Rockwall
73 40,714 Burleson
74 40,342 Coppell
75 39,795 Huntsville
76 39,605 Duncanville
77 39,458 The Colony
78 39,296 Sherman
79 38,448 Hurst
80 38,071 Lancaster
81 37,587 Friendswood
82 37,442 Texarkana
83 37,093 Weslaco
84 36,085 Lufkin
85 35,929 Schertz
86 35,593 San Juan
87 35,589 Del Rio
88 34,654 La Porte
89 33,868 Nacogdoches
90 33,237 Deer Park
91 33,188 Rosenberg
92 33,122 Copperas Cove
93 32,701 Little Elm
94 32,517 Socorro
95 31,760 Kyle
96 31,717 Leander
97 31,664 Farmers Branch
98 31,591 Waxahachie
99 29,747 Cleburne
100 28,234 Southlake




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  1. What are the requirements for loss mitigation during Texas Bankruptcyproceedings?The Mortgagee must comply with and seek relief, if appropriate, from the automatic stay. The Mortgagee may review Borrowers with active Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Texas Bankruptcycases for Loss Mitigation Options to the extent that such loss mitigation doesCategory: Loss Mitigation
  2. What are the Texas Bankruptcyrequirements for a borrower applying for a HECM Purchase?A Chapter 7 Texas Bankruptcy(liquidation) does not disqualify a HECM borrower from consideration for a HECM for purchase if, at the time of case number assignment, at least two years have elapsed since the date of the Texas Bankruptcydischarge. DuringCategory: Processing Guidelines
  3. How does a Texas Bankruptcyaffect a borrower’s eligibility for an FHA mortgage?A Chapter 7 Texas Bankruptcy(liquidation) does not disqualify a Borrower from obtaining an FHA-insured Mortgage if, at the time of case number assignment, at least two years have elapsed since the date of the Texas Bankruptcydischarge. During this timeCategory: Credit History/Credit Report
  4. What are the Texas Bankruptcyrequirements for a Borrower applying for a traditional or refinance HECM?There are no mandatory waiting periods after a Texas Bankruptcydischarge nor are there specific repayment history eligibility requirements for borrowers applying for traditional or refinance HECMs. However, HECM Purchase transactions are subjectCategory: Basic Eligibility Requirements
  5. How does a Texas Bankruptcyaffect a borrower’s eligibility for an FHA reverse mortgage?. When the property was included in a Texas Bankruptcythat was caused by circumstances beyond the borrower’s control (such as the death of the principal wage earner; loss of employment due to factory closings, reductions-in-force, or serious long-termCategory: Credit History/Credit Report
  6. Does HUD provide an automatic extension for foreclosure when a Borrower files bankruptcy?When a Borrower files Texas Bankruptcyafter foreclosure proceedings have been initiated, an automatic extension for foreclosure and acquisition of the Property will be allowed as long as: the Mortgagee ensures that all necessary bankruptcyCategory: Foreclosure/Conveyance
  7. What is required when foreclosure is prohibited due to state law, federal regulations, bankruptcy, SCRA or disaster? to Bankruptcy: If federal Texas Bankruptcydoes not permit commencement of foreclosure within the standard six-month timeframe, or requires foreclosure to be discontinued, the Mortgagee must commence or, if applicable, recommence foreclosure within 90Category: Foreclosure/Conveyance
  8. Why would a borrower have a CAIVRS alert if their prior FHA loan was included in a bankruptcy?. When borrowers default on an FHA-insured loan, the default is listed in CAIVRS. A prior FHA-insured loan default included in a Texas Bankruptcydoes not eliminate the default reporting to CAIVRS. A borrower is not eligibleCategory: Credit Alert (CAIVRS)
  9. What monthly debts and expenses are included in the expense analysis for a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) borrower?; payments required under any Texas Bankruptcyplans; and other obligations described in the HECM Financial Assessment and Property Charge Guide.   Where the HECM borrower benefits from Federal, state or local benefit programsCategory: Processing Guidelines
  10. What are the Occupancy Inspection and follow up requirements for delinquent FHA-insured mortgages?the occupancy status is determined. When payments are not submitted as scheduled by a Borrower in bankruptcy, the Mortgagee must contact either the Texas Bankruptcytrustee or the Borrower’s Texas Bankruptcyattorney for information concerning the statusCategory: Default Servicing
  11. What Notices must be sent on the 32nd day but not later than the 60th day of delinquency?.   Exception for Borrowers in Texas BankruptcyThe Mortgagee is not required to send the cover letter and “Save Your Home: Tips to Avoid Foreclosure” brochure if the Borrower has filed Texas Bankruptcybefore becoming 45 Days DelinquentCategory: Default Servicing
  12. When must a Mortgagee downgrade and manually underwrite a mortgage with an Accept risk classification? Credit Accounts; the date of the Borrower’s Texas Bankruptcydischarge as reflected on Texas Bankruptcydocuments is within two years from the date of case number assignment; the case number assignment date is within three years of the dateCategory: Automated Underwriting/Total
  13. Must lenders examine the public records section of the credit report of an eligible Non-Borrowing Spouse for a HECM? Mortgagees (Lenders) must only use the credit report to determine the Eligible Non-Borrowing Spouse’s monthly expenses.  Whether an Eligible Non-Borrowing Spouse is in Texas Bankruptcyor has Federal debt will only be consideredCategory: Processing Guidelines
  14. What amounts are contained in HUD’s Schedule of Attorney Fees?The HUD Schedule of Attorney Fees (Schedule) states the maximum fee amount that may be reimbursed in an FHA insurance claim for a foreclosure attorney, Texas Bankruptcyclearance, possessory action, and completion of a Deed-in-Lieu (DILCategory: Foreclosure/Conveyance
  15. What is the Reasonable Diligence Timeframe for completing foreclosure?; foreclosure mediation; active duty military service; and Texas BankruptcyThe Mortgagee must document in its Claim Review File any delay in completing foreclosure and all activities performed by the Mortgagee to mitigate and abideCategory: Foreclosure/Conveyance
  16. When is a delay in completing the foreclosure process treated as an exception? of acceptable delays are: Mediation; Active Duty Military Service; Use of Loss Mitigation Home Retention Option; Bankruptcy; and Acquiring Possession.   Mortgagee must maintain a comprehensiveCategory: Foreclosure/Conveyance
  17. How is the Commissioner’s Adjusted Fair Market Value (CAFMV) established for Foreclosure Sales and Post-Foreclosure Sales Efforts? the appraisal expiration date for delays such as bankruptcy, court delays or delays outside of the mortgagee’s control. The Appraiser must review property tax records for the Property to determine the amount outstanding and the termsCategory: Default Servicing
  18. What are the requirements if a 203(k) mortgage becomes delinquent during the rehabilitation period?.   If the default is cured, the project may resume.   The mortgagee may not approve further advances if the borrower declares Texas Bankruptcyunless otherwise required by law or as needed to protect FHA’s first lien position. The mortgagee must obtainCategory: Escrow Accounts
  19. What was the Back to Work program? 30, 2016. The Policy guidance provides an alternative manner of credit qualification for purchase money mortgages for borrowers who have experienced foreclosure, short sale/pre-foreclosure sale, bankruptcy, or other negative credit dueCategory: Purchase Transactions
  20. What are the creditworthiness requirements for Nonsupervised or Investing Mortgagees? the individual’s credit, such as a foreclosure action, judgment, lien, or bankruptcy; or reflects legal actions that have been adequately resolved, and/or delinquent accounts or collections that have been adequately resolved or that have an acceptableCategory: Lender Application Procedures
  21. How can FHA help me buy a home?. Less than Perfect Credit: You don’t have to have a perfect credit score to get an FHA mortgage. In fact, even if you have had credit problems, such as a bankruptcy, it’s easier for you to qualify for an FHA loan than a conventional loanCategory: General Purchase Info
  22. What are the credit report requirements for HECM borrowers?), including information for the last seven years regarding • bankruptcies; • judgments; • lawsuits; • foreclosures; • tax liens; and – For each Borrower debt listedCategory: Processing Guidelines
  23. Can arrearages be included in a Loan Modification or FHA-HAMP Partial Claim? are not subject to statutory limits on Partial Claims); Mortgagee advances for escrowed items; and related legal fees and foreclosure and Texas Bankruptcycosts for work actually performed for the current Default episode as of the dateCategory: Loss Mitigation
  24. What is required to document a Deficit Income Test for a Standard Pre-Foreclosure Sale transaction?expenses that are supported by bills, payment receipts, and/or the standard payment amounts under an IRS Index (such as the IRS Collection Financial Standards). For large past-due balances or for accounts included in Texas Bankruptcyproceedings, the MortgageeCategory: Loss Mitigation
  25. Are there any exceptions that would allow a new FHA-insured mortgage for borrowers reported in the Credit Alert Verification Reporting System (CAIVRS)?Mortgagees (Lenders) must screen all borrowers, including nonprofit agencies acting as a borrower, using CAIVRS (except on streamline refinances).  If CAIVRS indicates the borrower is presently delinquent or has had a claim paid within the previous three years on a loan made or insured by HUD on his or her behalf, the borrower is not eligible unless FHA suspends the CAIVRS listing.    Mortgagees access CAIVRS through the FHA Connection.  Mortgagees must write the CAIVRS authorization code for each borrower on the HUD-92900-LT, FHA Loan Underwriting and Transmittal Summary.    FHA will delete erroneous information regarding a borrower falsely indicated as having defaulted on an FHA mortgage, such as incorrect Social Security Number reporting.   Mortgagees may not rely upon a clear CAIVRS approval when in possession of independent evidence of delinquent federal obligations and must document the resolution of any conflicting information.     If the Mortgagee has reason to believe the CAIVRS message is erroneous or needs to establish the date of claim payment, the Mortgagee must contact the appropriate FHA Homeownership Center (HOC) for instructions or documentation to support the borrower’s eligibility.      The appropriate HOC can provide information when the three-year waiting period will elapse or if the Social Security Number in CAIVRS is erroneous.  Removal from CAIVRS, however, does not guarantee eligibility for an FHA-insured mortgage. A borrower is not eligible for an FHA-insured mortgage if he or she has an outstanding debt with any Federal agency that is in delinquent or defaulted status.     The HOC will also provide instructions to Lenders regarding processing requirements for other HUD-related defaults and claims (e.g., Title I loans).      FHA cannot alter or delete CAIVRS information reported from other Federal agencies, such as the Department of Education, Veterans Affairs, etc.  The borrower and/or the Mortgagee must contact those agencies to correct or remove erroneous or outdated information.    For additional information see  4000.1 II.A.1.b.ii.(A)(10); II.A.5.d.xii.(B)2; II.A.7.b.ix   Handbook available at https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/administration/hudclips/handbooks/hsgh  Category: Credit Alert (CAIVRS)
  26. Are automatic extensions allowed to perform the first legal action initiating foreclosure?Mortgagees must utilize a Loss Mitigation Option or initiate foreclosure within six months of the date of default. HUD provides automatic 90-day extensions to these deadlines under certain circumstances. HUD provides a description of when a mortgagee is allowed to use an automatic extension that is outlined in, Automatic Extensions to HUD’s Initiation of Foreclosure Timeline. The automatic extensions are available to mortgagees without the requirement for mortgagees to obtain HUD approval via the Extensions and Variances Automated Requests System (EVARS).   HUD’s guidance on automatic extension to foreclosure-related deadlines is located in Handbook 4000.1-III.A.2.r.i.(D)(2) available at https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/administration/hudclips/handbooks/hsgh   Mortgagees may also access the Automatic Extensions to HUD’s Initiation of Foreclosure Timeline on The Single Family Housing Policy Handbook (SF Handbook; HUD Handbook 4000.1) Supplemental Documents web page at: https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/housing/sfh/handbook_references Additional questions may be directed to the HUD National Servicing Center at (877) 622-8525.  
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