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“Not all mortgage lenders are the same. Before we called we thought bankruptcy was our only alternative. Thank you for saving our home from Foreclosure!”

Derrick & Tamian
St. Petersburg, Florida

Mortgage lending isn’t what it once was. A generation or two ago, a simple trip downtown to see your community banker and explain your situation was all it took to delay or stop foreclosure in Florida. The world has changed. Today, your original lender has probably sold the servicing of your loan to another entity that may not even have an office in Florida. With the number of consolidations and mergers in the mortgage lending business, your original lender may have sold out to another Mortgage Lender; now be owned by a large out-of-state bank; or worse, no longer in business.

For many of our foreclosure mortgage clients, an opportunity still exists to find a solution that can stop your Florida foreclosure. A foreclosure loanoriginated by one of our expert mortgage professionals can consolidate your debts into a single payment and give you a fresh start. Imagine being current again and imagine no more dreading the phone and doorbell.

It pays to work with a Mortgage expert when you need to stop foreclosure on a Florida home. We’re in the business of creating mortgage solutions all day long. We know all aspects of mortgage. We have negotiated solutions for many Florida borrowers whose situations appeared as hopeless to them as yours does to you. Call 1-954-667-9110 right now or use our fast easy full Application. We’ll be glad to review your situation and identify what loan options may be available today.

If you are behind and can’t make your mortgage payment, don’t sign the deed over to a loss mitigation specialist or other real estate Investor no matter what he or she promises. We have helped many Florida homeowners just like you keep their homes and put themselves on a path to long-term financial stability with foreclosure help.

In some instances, we can get foreclosure loan Refinances approved even when traditional lenders have turned you down. We have a network of private lenders, private money, and private investors, who can close in as few as 48 hours. They will payoff your current mortgage and roll the past due and other penalties into a new loan with terms that allow you to get a fresh start, giving you the Florida foreclosure help that you deserve. Knowing who to call is the most crucial part of securing the best hard money loan to stop a Florida foreclosure cold.

The important thing to realize is that time is of the essence when you are facing a Florida foreclosure. From the time the process server delivers notice of the lis pendens to the time your home is sold on the courthouse steps can be only a matter of months if the lender’s attorney is diligent and aggressive.

The good news is that – in nearly every case – the lender who owns your mortgage and note does not want to own your house. Our mortgage professionals can assist you in understanding your options from a forbearance to a workout with your current lender to a refinance that rolls the past due balance into a new loan.

We understand how easy it is to get behind on the mortgage on your Florida home in Hernando County or any of the other counties we serve. We also understand how difficult it can be financially to get caught up. A financial setback. An illness. A car accident. A loss of a job can very easily put you one or more mortgage payments behind. To begin the journey toward keeping your Florida home, you must make the first step in gettingforeclosure help.

The first step is a free consultation with a Florida foreclosure loanspecialist. Call 1-954-667-9110 or use our secure online Full Applicationform and we will call you back at the time you request. The sooner you call, the more options you will have to stop foreclose on your Florida home loan.

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