Primary Residence – Purchase & R/T Refinance

Georgia ITIN – Eligible: U.S. Citizen • Permanent ITIN Resident Alien: is a non-U.S. citizen authorized to live and work in the U.S. on a permanent basis. Permanent resident aliens are eligible for financing. Acceptable evidence of lawful permanent residency must be documented and meet one of the following criteria: I-151 – Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) that does not have an expiration date; I-551 – Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) issued for 10 years that has not expired; I-551 – Conditional Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) issued for 2 years that has an expiration date, as long as it is accompanied by a copy of USCIS form

I-751 requesting removal of the conditions; Un-expired Foreign Passport with an un-expired stamp reading as follows: “Processed for I-551 Temporary
Evidence of Lawful Admission for Permanent Residence. Valid until mm-dd-yy. Employment Authorized.”

GEORGIA ITIN Mortgage Lenders Refinance
• If the property was purchased within 12 months of the application date, Property Value is equal to the lower of the sales price or appraised value. If the property was purchased more than 12 months prior to the application date, the property value is equal to the appraised value.
• For GEORGIA homes where capital improvements have been made to the property after purchase, LTV/CLTV/HCLTV can be based on the lesser of the current
appraised value or original purchase price plus the documented improvements. Receipts are required to document cost of improvements.

GEORGIA ITIN Mortgage Lenders Property Types

Eligible: Single Family Residences, PUDs, Townhouses, Condominiums (warrantable only)Property Types – All
Condos FNMA Warrantable Only; Warrantable Types S, T or U • New condominium projects (Type R) with Condo Project Manager (“CPM”) or PERS approval • Site (detached) Condos • Limited Review is not eligible

Ineligible: 2-4 Units • Non-Warrantable condos • Acreage greater than 10 acres (appraisal must include total acreage) • Agricultural zoned property • Condo
hotel • Co-ops • Hobby Farms • Income producing properties with acreage • Leaseholds • Log GEORGIA homes • Manufactured housing • Mixed use properties • Modular
GEORGIA homes • Properties subject to oil and/or gas leases •Unique properties • Working farms, ranches or orchards.

GEORGIA ITIN Mortgage Lenders Income Documentation
A minimum of two (2) years employment and income history
• Gaps in employment in excess of 30 days during the past two (2) years require a satisfactory letter of explanation and the GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicants must be
employed with their current employer for a minimum of six (6) months to qualify.
• For a GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicants who has less than a two-year employment and income history, the GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicants’s income may be qualifying income if the Mortgage file
contains documentation to support that the GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicants was either attending school or in a training program immediately prior to their current
employment history. School transcripts must be provided to document.
IRS Form 4506‐T / Tax Transcripts
• A completed, signed, and dated IRS form 4506-T must be completed for all GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicantss at closing whose income is used to qualify for the mortgage.
• The 4506-T must be processed and tax transcripts obtained (for each year requested) to validate against all tax returns used for qualifying and/or W-
2 forms. For self-employed GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicantss, this applies to both personal and business returns (for businesses where GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicants(s) has 25% or more
ownership) regardless of whether or not income is used to qualify, a separate form must be filled out for each business entity.

GEORGIA ITIN Mortgage Lenders Documentation requirements: 
• Pay Stub – 1 full month with YTD earnings
• W-2’s and/or 1099’s – prior two (2) years for all GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicantss
• 1040’s – prior two years, including all pages, schedules, statements
• Year to date Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets are required for all self-employed GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicantss (in addition to two years of tax returns)
• K-1’s on all corporations and Schedule E business entities prior two years
• Business returns on all Corporations and Schedule E business entities prior two years if ownership is > 25%, including all pages, schedules,
• 1120S, 1120 and 1065’s – prior two (2) years if General Partner and/or percentage of ownership is > 25%, including all pages, schedules,

GEORGIA ITIN Mortgage Lenders Max Payment Shock
Payment shock is 150%

Payment Shock Calculation: Payment shock is a function of the percentage of the pay increase of a new payment when compared to a prior rental or housing monthly payment.

GEORGIA ITIN Mortgage Lenders After Bankruptcy
Chapter 7 and 11:

Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies must be discharged for a minimum of 36 months from closing date. Seasoning is measured from the month and year of discharge.
Chapter 13:
Chapter 13 bankruptcies must be discharged for a minimum of 36 months from closing date. Seasoning is measured from the month and year of discharge. If
the Chapter 13 bankruptcy was dismissed, 36 months’ seasoning is required from the date of the dismissal.

GEORGIA ITIN Mortgage Lenders Checking and Savings Accounts
• The two (2) most recent, consecutive months’ statements for each account are required.
• Large deposits inconsistent with monthly income or other deposits must be verified.
Marketable Securities
• Two (2) most recent, consecutive months stock/securities account statements are required.
• 70% of stock accounts can be considered in the calculation of assets for closing and reserves.
• Non-vested or restricted stock accounts are not eligible for use as down payment or reserves.
Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)
Earnest money deposit (EMD) must be sourced and verified on all loans
Retirement Accounts
• Most recent GEORGIA retirement account statement covering a minimum of two (2) month period.
• Evidence of liquidation is required when funds are used for down payment or closing cost
• 60% of the vested value of retirement accounts, after reduction of any outstanding loans, may be considered toward the required reserves.
• Excluding 401k’s & IRA’s, verification of the terms of liquidation if funds are used for reserves
• Retirement accounts that do not allow any type of withdrawal are ineligible for use as reserves.
Business Funds
• The GEORGIA mortgage applicant withdrawal of cash from a business may not have a severe negative impact on the business’ ability to continue operating. If a GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicants
is trying to use business funds for closing/down payment or reserves, an analysis must be completed by the underwriter to ensure the cash
withdraw will not impact the business.
GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicants(s) must be 100% owner and the following is required:
• Cash flow analysis required using 3 months business bank statements to determine no negative impact to business based on withdrawal of funds
• A letter from the GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicants(s) accountant must include the following statements or comments:
• The GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicants has access to the funds.
• The funds are not a loan.
• The accountant may not be related to the GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicants or be an interested party to the transaction.
Ineligible Assets:
• Gift of Equity • Grant Funds • Pooled Funds • Builder Profits • Cash on Hand • Unsecured loans • No Employer Assistance Assets • Sale of an asset
other than real property or publicly traded securities Age of Documents
Credit Report/Credit Documentation: 90 days old at the time of closing
Income and Asset Documentation: Dated within 90 days of closing
Title Report/Title Commitment: Dated no later than 60 days prior to closing GEORGIA

GEORGIA ITIN Mortgage Lenders Appraisals
Full Interior / Exterior appraisal required. Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Forms 1004/70, 1025/72, 1073/465 or 2090 must be used. All Fannie Guidelines apply to
appraisal process and value determination, in addition, an Appraisal Management Company must be utilized for appraiser selection.

The Appraisal should be dated no more than 120 days prior to the Note Date. After a 120 day period, a new appraisal is required. Re-certification of value is
not acceptable. Minimum Square Footage 800 Sq. Feet

Not eligible: Properties for which the appraisal indicates condition ratings of C5 or C6 or a quality rating of Q6, each as determined under the Uniform Appraisal
Dataset (UAD) guidelines. GreenBox will consider if issue has been corrected prior to loan funding with proper documentation.

APPRAISAL REVIEW PRODUCTS: An Appraisal Desktop Review (ARA) from Computer Share is required on all transactions.

GEORGIA ITIN Mortgage Lenders Seller Concessions
All seller concessions must be addressed in the sales contract, appraisal and Closing Disclosure, as applicable, and be compliant with applicable federal and local state law. A seller concession is defined as any interested party contribution beyond the stated limits, or any amounts not being used for closing costs or prepaid expenses (i.e. funds for repairs not completed prior to closing is a seller concession). If a seller concession is present, both the appraised value and sales price must be reduced by the concession amount for purposes of calculating the LTV/CLTV/HCLTV.
Interested party contributions include funds contributed by the property seller, builder, real estate agent/broker, mortgage lender, or their affiliates, or any other party with an interest in the real estate transaction. Interested party contributions may only be used for closing costs and prepaid expenses, and may never be applied to any portion of the down payment or contributed to the GEORGIA ITIN mortgage applicants’ financial reserve requirements.
>80% N/A
75.01-80% 3%
<=75% 6%

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