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Florida Mortgage Calculators

The Basic Mortgage Calculator: Before you contact a Florida mortgage lender, you should use the basic Florida mortgage calculator to estimate the mortgage payment required to buy a home in your price range. Although not exact, and certainly not a substitute for a chat with a Mortgage Lender, this mortgage calculator is a great way to get a thumbnail picture of what you can and can’t afford. Remember the calculator only includes principal and interest but does not include the costs for homeowners insurance or taxes. Nevertheless, the basic mortgage calculator is a superb tool once you know how much you have for a mortgage payment on your new Florida home.

Mortgage Payment Amortization Calculator: If you are planning to get afixed rate mortgage program, this amortization calculator is invaluable in running the numbers to see the difference in the required payments to retire a 15 year, 20 year, or 30 year fixed rate mortgage in Orlando or any of the other Florida cities we originate mortgages in. It prints an amortization schedule that you can use to make projections for Florida investment property. And it’s equally useful for Florida Home Buyers and for those seeking home loans to buy manufactured homes in Volusia County or any of the other Florida counties we serve.

Biweekly Mortgage Calculator: It does not take much of a change in lifestyle to pay a Florida mortgage twice a month instead of once a month. Most people never try a biweekly mortgage payment because they don’t believe how much it shaves off the cost of a 30 year mortgage. If you’re a skeptic, the Biweekly mortgage calculator will show you exactly how much you can save in interest just by paying biweekly. Because there are 4.3 weeks in a month, the biweekly schedule means you make an extra payment every year that is applied directly to principal. Want to know how many years that will shave off your home loan? Try the biweekly calculator and find out! Our clients have saved a bundle on home loans in Tampa, Florida by taking action on what they learned using the biweekly mortgage calculator.

Debt Consolidation Calculator: If you are considering consolidating your debts with a Second Mortgage, home equity line of credit or cash outRefinance, the help of an experienced mortgage lender is invaluable. However, doing a little homework and running the numbers for yourself can give you a first hand look at which loan option is the best one to consolidate your debts into one low monthly payment. It’s not a substitute for a chat with a qualified Florida Mortgage lender, but the debt consolidation calculator is a reliable guide for comparing Florida loan programs.

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