bad Georgia bad credit bad Georgia mortgage lenders for Borrowers With Recent credit Issues

  • Min Fico 500+ (including jumbo)
  • Up to 85% LTV (purchase & R/T) w/ no MI
  • 1 day out of Foreclosure, Short Sale, Bankruptcy, SS, BK, or Deed in Lue
  • Up to 80% of your home value (cash-out)
  • Maximum cash-out to $500,000
  • Loans up to $1 million (minimum loan $100,000)
  • Cash out for reserves OK
  • Mortgage Late Payments OK
  • DTI up to 55% considered
  • Limited or no tradelines OK to max 75% LTV

 bad credit GEORGIA cashout mortgage lenders

Fico Purchase Rate Term Cashout 
Georgia bad credit Min  500 70% 70% 70%
Georgia bad credit Min  540 75% 75% 70%
Georgia bad credit Min  580 80% 80% 70%
Georgia bad credit Min  620 80% 80% 75%


bad credit GEORGIA cashout mortgage lenders

Credit Score  Use middle FICO score of the primary wage earner
Housing History  30’s and 1 x 60 in the past 12 months allowed (No add‐on to rate)  1 or more 90 day late in the past 12 months allowed
Min Credit Score  Owner Occupied: 500  Non‐Owner Occupied: 580  Non‐Perm Resident Aliens: 580 Second Home: 580  First Time Homebuyer: 540

Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders Tradeline Requirements  Standard: 3 trade lines reporting for ≥ 12 month; or 2 trade lines reporting for ≥ 24 months with activity in the past 12 months 12 to 24 months canceled rent checks can be used as a trade lineLimited Trade lines  Max LTV 75%  No minimum trade line requirements  Not allowed on Investment properties
DTI Requirements  Max 40/50%  Investment properties max 50%
Seasoning Requirements  Foreclosure, Deed‐In‐Lieu & Short Sale – None
 Bankruptcy 7 ‐ 12 months
from discharge date  Bankruptcy 7: None when property excluded from
BK and a 0 x 30 x 12 residential pay history  Bankruptcy 13: None if filed >24
months ago and paid as agreed  All BK’s must be discharged (case by case exceptions) Reserves  3 months minimum  Investment properties – 6 months
 Loan amounts ≥ $453,100 ‐ 6 months  Loans ≥ $750,000 ‐ 9 months
 Second Home – 6 months  First Time Homebuyer – 6 months
 Limited trade lines – 6 months  Non‐Perm Resident Aliens – 6 months
 Non‐Perm Resident Alien with non‐US credit – 12 months Residual Income  Primary Residence $1,500
First‐Time Homebuyer  Residential pay history 0x30

Georgia bad Georgia bad credit Cashout Refinance – • For Georgia homes owned 12-months or longer, the LTV/CLV is based upon the appraised value. • If Cash-Out Seasoning is 7-11 months, the transaction property value is limited to the lower of the current appraised value or the property’s purchase price + documented improvements• If Cash-Out Seasoning is 6 months or less, the transaction property value is limited to delayed financing or inherited Georgia homes. 

Georgia Home and Property Types
-Eligible: Single Family Residences1-4 Units, PUDs, Townhouses, Condominiums (Warrantable & Non-Warrantable condos approved case by case: 

Ineligible Georgia Georgia homes include: • Acreage greater than 10 acres (appraisal must include total acreage) • Agricultural zoned property • Condo hotel • Co-ops • Hobby Farms •Income producing Georgia homes with acreage • Leaseholds • Log Homes • Manufactured housing • Mixed-use Georgia homes • Modular homes • Georgia homes subject to oil and/or gas leases •Unique Georgia homes • Working farms, ranches or orchards. 

Georgia Approved Condos  Property Types –Fannie Mae eligible projects and Non-Warrantable projects allowed • GreenBox Loans, Inc. project exposure maximum shall be $3,000,000 or 15% of the project whichever is lower • Borrower project/Unit concentration limit: two (2) units • Project meets all FNMA Insurance requirements for property, liability and fidelity coverage • Borrower must carry H06 coverage for replacement of such items as flooring, wall covering, cabinets, fixtures, built-ins and any improvements made to the unit • The Condo Project Questionnaire must be completed, including all the required documentation from the questionnaire including: CCR, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Master Insurance Policy, Budget / Balance Sheet & HOA questionnaire .• All projects are subject to full review and approval. 
Georgia Tax Liens – All Georgia income tax liens (federal, state, local) must be paid off prior to or at loan closing. Tax liens that do not impact title may remain open provided the
following are meet;

• The file must contain a copy of the repayment agreement
• A minimum of 6-payments has been made under the plan with all payments made on time
• The balance of the lien must be included when determining the maximum CLTV for the program
• Refinance transactions require a subordination agreement from the taxing authority

bad Georgia bad credit bad Georgia bad credit Downpayment requirements- Down payment funds should be documented for 60 days per the Fannie Mae Verification of Deposits and Assets guidelines with the documentation
included in the loan file.In addition to documenting the down payment, closing costs, and minimum PITIA reserve requirements, all borrowers must disclose and verify all other
liquid assets.• Business funds may be used for down payment, closing costs and for the purposes of calculating reserves. GreenBox will perform a business cash flowanalysis to confirm that the withdrawal of funds for this transaction will not have a negative impact on the business. GreenBox will utilize FNMA Form
1084 or a similar cash flow analysis form to show the business can support the withdrawal of the funds.
• Account Statements should cover most recent 60-dayperiod
• Stocks/Bond/Mutual Funds -100% of stock accounts can be considered in the calculation of assets for closing and reserves;
• Vested Retirement Account funds –60% may be considered for closing and/or reserves;
• Non-vested or restricted stock accounts are not eligible for use as down payment or reserves.
• Any assets which produce income or are used as income already included in the income calculation are not eligible for use as down payment or reserves.

Georgia Mortgage After Georgia mortgage after bankruptcy / bad Georgia bad credit Housing Event-  Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies must be discharged for a minimum of 12 months from closing date. Seasoning is measured from the month and
year of discharge. There is no seasoning requirement for Chapter 13 bankruptcies when the Georgia mortgage after bankruptcy is discharged prior to closing. If the Chapter 13 Georgia mortgage after bankruptcy was dismissed
, 12-months’ seasoning is required from the date of the dismissal.
A Chapter 13 Georgia mortgage after bankruptcy may remain open after loan closing when all of the following requirements are met:
• A minimum 12-month repayment period in the Georgia mortgage after bankruptcy has elapsed.
• All required Georgia mortgage after bankruptcy plan payments have been made on time.
• The borrower has received written permission from the Georgia mortgage after bankruptcy court to enter into the mortgage transaction.
• Full Georgia mortgage after bankruptcy papers may be required. For a 120-day mortgage late, seasoning is from the date the mortgage was brought current. Seasoning for a modification is from the date the modification
was executed. A cash-out refinance to pay off the remaining balance of a Chapter 13 Georgia mortgage after bankruptcy is allowed. In addition to meeting the requirements listed above, the
transaction must provide an overall reduction in monthly obligations for the borrower.

Georgia Mortgage with  Georgia collections And Charge-Offs  Individual collection and non-mortgage charge-off accounts equal to or greater than $250 and accounts that total more than $2,000 must be paid in
full prior to or at closing.
 Medical Georgia collections may remain open with a max cumulative balance of $10,000
 Georgia collections and charge-offs that have expired under the state statute of limitations on debts may be excluded. Evidence of expiration must be
 All open Georgia judgments, garnishments, and all outstanding liens must be paid off prior to or at loan closing. Charge-offs and Georgia collections not excluded by the above bullet points must be paid or may stay open if using one or a combination of both of the following:
o Payments for open charge-offs or Georgia collections are included in the DTI (Subject to program DTI restrictions)
o Reserves are sufficient to cover the balance of the charge-offs or Georgia collections and meet reserve requirements.

Georgia bad Georgia bad credit Mortgage bad Georgia bad credit Standards 

Clean housing history since housing event • Any non-mortgage account can be no more than 30-days delinquent at time of application. Any delinquent
account must either be brought current or paid off at closing.
Standard: 3 tradelines reporting for 12+ mo’s or 2 tradelines reporting for 24+ mo’s with activity in the last 12 mo’s Limited: No minimum tradeline

Only the primary bad credit Georgia wage-earner must meet the minimum tradeline requirements listed above. To qualify as an acceptable tradeline, the bad Georgia bad credit line must be reflected on the borrower’s bad Georgia bad credit report. The bad credit Georgia account must have activity in the past 12 months and may be open or closed. bad credit Georgia Accounts with delinquencies are allowed when the account is no more than 30-days past due at time of application. An acceptable 12- or 24-month housing history not reporting on bad Georgia bad credit may also be used as a tradeline. bad Georgia bad credit lines on which the bad credit Georgia mortgage applicants are not obligated to make payments are not acceptable for establishing a minimum history. Examples of unacceptable tradelines include loans in a deferment period, collection or charged-off accounts accounts discharged through bankruptcy, and authorized user accounts. Student loans can be counted as tradelines as long as they are in repayment and are not deferred. Standard Tradelines: Georgia mortgage applicants qualifying with Standard Tradelines are eligible for all occupancy types and programs. Limited Tradelines: The following requirements apply when qualifying with Limited Tradelines: 10% minimum Georgia mortgage applicants contribution • Minimum 6 months reserves after closing • Full documentation of income. When qualifying with Limited Tradelines, the lower of either the Representative Loan Score or a 580 score is used to qualify the borrower on the Non-Prime Matrix and Recent Housing Event Matrix. The loan may be priced, however, using the actual Representative Loan Score • Primary residence only

Georgia mortgage applicants Housing late payments exceeding 1x60x24 require a letter of explanation from the Georgia mortgage applicants. The situation causing the delinquency must be adequately
documented as resolved. The new housing payment must be considered when determining if the situation is adequately resolved.

Georgia bad Georgia bad credit Mortgage Lenders Requirments

Georgia bad Georgia bad credit Mortgage  Georgia bad Georgia bad credit Mortgage  Min Fico
Min Fico  500
Housing  1 x 120 0 x 30 since housing event 
Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy 12 months payment or settled 
Foreclosure  Settled
short sale settled



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