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Florida Foreign National Mortgage Lenders Loan checklist

Foreign National Loans – 25% Down

Please see additional program details below. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Max LTV 75% (Purchase or Refinance)
Max DTI 50%
Term 5/1 ARM or 30 Year Fixed
PPP 2 Years (May Be Bought Out)
Purchase ARM Rates 6.990% to 8.125% (Add 0.50 if 30 Yr. Fixed)
Occupancy Investment
Properties SFR, Condos (Non-Warrantable Considered), Townhomes & 2-4 Units
Max Loan Amount $750,000+ (Higher amounts case by case)
Minimum Loan Amount $75,000
SS or ITIN Required No
U.S. Credit Required No
Reserves 12 Months
Down Payment Funds Seasoned 60 Days, Min 30 days in U.S. Bank
Submission to Closing In as little as 15 Business Days
Pre-Quals Click Here
Note: Non-warrantable condos considered with full condo questionnaire review.


  1. 1003, 1008, GFE, TIL, and all applicable compliance disclosures
  2. Acceptable visa (unexpired) or proof of residency of country participating in visa waiver program
  3. Acceptable passport copy-unexpired
  4. US credit report for borrower with valid social security
    1. Social security or ITIN not required
  5. Credit reference letters
    1. THREE open accounts with a TWO year documented history with ZERO late payments. Letters MUST be in company letterhead.
    2. 2 year housing history may be used as trade line
    3. US credit accounts may be combined with letters of reference from verifiable financial institution in foreign country to establish the THREE open accounts
  6. Income verification-SELF EMPLOYED
    1. Borrowers must be TWO years self employed
    2. Business to be independently verified
    3. Letter from CPA verifying income figures for last 2 years and year to date income figures. All figures in USD $
  7. Income verification-NOT SELF EMPLOYED
    1. Letter from employer providing current monthly salary, YTD earnings, and 2 months valid pay stubs. All letters in company letterhead
  8. Assets
    1. Borrower MUST have 12 months PITIA verified reserves
    2. All funds for down payment, closing costs AND reserves must be seasoned for 60 days in borrower’s account.
    3. Closing funds must be season in US depository institution for at least 30 days prior to closing
    4. TWO months of most recent bank statements

Additional Florida Foreign National Lenders Notes:

  • All documents submitted MUST be in English or translated by a certified translator.
  • All letters/documents MUST be on company letterhead.
  • All figures calculated/represented in USD $

Florida Foreign National Mortgage Lenders Fact Sheet

Foreign National Fact Sheet Verification of Residency Status The following visa types are allowed as foreign nationals: B-1, B-2, H-2, H-3, I, J-1, J-2, O-2, P-1, and P-2 or be a resident of countries that participate in the visa wavier program at http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/visit/visa-waiver-program.html

A Social Security Number or ITIN is not required.

If the Borrower has a Social Security Number, a U.S. credit report is required for each foreign national borrower with a valid Social Security number. The credit report should provide merged credit information from the three major national credit repositories. A 2-year housing history is required. If a foreign national borrower does not have a valid Social Security number, an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is allowed. An ITIN is acceptable if the borrower has the ITIN for purposes of reporting taxes from passive income sources only and is not employed in the U.S. A traditional U.S. credit report is not required for borrowers with only an ITIN.

Qualifying U.S. Credit The Qualifying

U.S. Credit designation refers to non-U.S. citizen borrowers who meet the Standard Trade line requirements in Trade line Requirements Section. A Qualifying U.S. Credit foreign national borrower is eligible for all Foreign National property products and programs reflected on the Investment Property Matrix.

Qualifying Foreign Credit

The Qualifying Foreign Credit designation refers to non-U.S. citizen borrowers who do not meet the Standard Trade line requirements in Trade line Requirements Section and are limited to a maximum LTV of 75%. A Qualifying Foreign Credit foreign national borrower may or may not have a U.S. credit report with no credit score, a single score, or a score with insufficient trade lines.

  • Qualifying Foreign Credit borrowers must establish an acceptable credit history.
  • Three open accounts with a 2-year history must be documented for each borrower reflecting no late payments.
  • The 2-year housing history may be used as trade line.
  • U.S. credit accounts may be combined with letters of reference from verifiable financial institutions in a foreign country to establish the three open accounts and an acceptable credit reputation.
  • If letters of reference are obtained, they must state the type and length of the relationship, how the accounts are held, and status of the account. All contact information must be provided for the person signing the letter. Any translation must be signed and dated by a certified translator.

Documentation Requirements

Copies of the borrower’s passport and unexpired visa must be obtained. Acceptable alternative documentation to verify visa classification is an I-797 form (Notice of Action) with valid extension dates and an I-94 form (Arrival/Departure Record). When applicable, a valid employment authorization document (EAD) is required for U.S. employment if the visa is not sponsored by the borrower’s current employer.

NOTE: Borrowers unable to provide evidence of lawful residency status in the U.S. are not eligible for financing. If a non-U.S citizen is borrowing with a U.S. citizen, it does not eliminate visa or other foreign national documentation requirements. Co-borrowers in possession of spouse or family member visas may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Borrowers who are residents of countries which participate in the State Department’s Visa Waiver Program (VWP) will not be required to provide a valid visa. Participating countries can be verified through the U.S. Department of State website at http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/without/without_1990.html.

Income/Employment Requirements

To document income received for salaried foreign national borrowers, the following items should be obtained: Letter from employer providing current monthly salary, YTD earnings, and two months valid pay stubs are to be obtained when possible. Pay stubs may be waived if the borrowers employer does not provide them and verification of employment can be obtained through other means. Letter from employer must be on company letterhead, including address and company web address. An Employer can be independently verified through via LexisNexis, D&B International Business Search, Google, or other means of verification). All documents must be translated by a certified translator. If the borrower is employed within the U.S., standard income and employment documentation requirements apply. Self-employed foreign national borrowers are allowed when the following requirements have been met: • Borrower must be self-employed a minimum of 2 years. • Self-employed business is to be independently verified (via LexisNexis, D&B International Business Search, Google, or other means of verification). • A letter from a CPA is required verifying income figures for the last two years and year-to-date income figures. CPA is to be independently verified. All documents must be translated by a certified translator. © Florida Mortgage Lenders Mortgage Solutions LLC NMLS #1160240, Corporate office, 3060 Peachtree Road NW, Suite 500B, Atlanta, GA 30305. This communication is sent only by Florida Mortgage Lenders Mortgage Solutions LLC and is not intended to imply that any of our loan products will be offered by or in conjunction with HUD, FHA, VA, the U.S. government or any federal, state or local governmental body. This is a business-to-business communication and is intended for licensed mortgage professionals only and is not intended to be distributed to the consumer or the general public. Foreign National Fact Sheet 12-4-14 ANR Assets Foreign national borrowers must have 12 months PITIA reserves. All funds for down payment, closing costs and reserves must be seasoned for 60 days and must be seasoned in a U.S. depository institution for the last 30 days prior to closing. Exclusionary List/OFAC/Diplomatic Immunity All parties involved on each transaction must be screened through any exclusionary list used by the originator. The originator should apply its exclusionary list policy to any loans originated under these guidelines. Parties to the transaction must also be cleared through OFAC’s SND List (borrowers, sellers, employers, banks, etc.). A search of the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List may be completed via the U.S. Department of the Treasury website: http://sdnsearch.ofac.treas.gov/ Borrowers from OFAC sanctioned countries are ineligible. Access the link below for a list of sanctioned countries: http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Pages/ Programs.aspx Individuals with diplomatic immunity are not eligible due to the inability to compel payment or seek judgment. Verification the borrower does not have diplomatic immunity can be determined by reviewing the visa, passport, and/or the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic List at http:/

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